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Showing inspections are provided to our team clients. This service offers the opportunity of seeing homes thru the eyes of an inspector, identifying maintenance needs, needed repairs and safety concerns. This Inspection is a general visual check of the exterior elements of the house, including the grading, exterior materials & trim condition, roof and water management systems. The interior aspect of this inspection includes foundation & basement condition, plumbing system & fixtures, general evaluation of electrical system, general evaluation of HVAC system, and interior conditions.

Once completed, The buyer has the opportunity of deciding which home peaks his interest to prompt a more thorough inspection.

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The Pre-Offer inspection is a more thorough check of the property. A second Showing is scheduled, during which time, accessible scuttle holes are checked, fixtures & appliances operated, accessible crawlspaces checked, and roofs more thoroughly evaluated.

This Inspection offers the option of an “Evaluation” Report. An Evaluation report is a general overview report of the house with documentation provided for maintenance items, deficiencies and safety concerns. These reports are typically 15-25 pages in length.

Once completed, The buyer has the opportunity of deciding to submit an offer in light of the various issues raised.

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FACETIME INSPECTION: A Facetime Property Review is provided for Clients who are unable to attend due to time constraints, distance issues or Physical constraints. This allows Clients to narrow down their selection of properties to consider without the travel & other inconveniences. I-Phones are needed for this service.

A review of the property is conducted, with input from the Inspector regarding Deficiencies, Safety issues and Maintenance issues to consider.

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For our Listing Client’s, we offer a sequence of property reviews that will help prepare the house for its best showing.

The first is a Review: This review is an initial evaluation of the property to determine what issues or items need to be addressed prior to listing. These items may include, stained ceiling tiles, non functioning lights, loose toilets, signs of past moisture issues, etc…

Once all repairs are completed, A Pre-Listing Inspection is completed and provided as part of the Marketing & Sales process


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